Meet Mary Beth Meredith

Meet Mary Beth Meredith a self-taught artist and wood crafter who has been painting and designing projects for over 25 years.

 My love of painting and wood crafting got its start by doing traveling home shows, creating a woodcraft line and then painting and crafting each it piece to the buyer’s specification. Eventually, I would branch out and offer my products online where I currently operate an eBay store.

Here I offer many hand-painted crafts all custom painted to your specifications. What better way to sell than the world wide web!  Most of all I’ve  enjoyed teaching others to paint by offering classes out of my home, but my real dream has been to be able to share my love for painting with  others  , what better way than to have my very own DIY studio where anyone from beginner to advanced can come and spend a few hours with me and create their very own finished project  Each project starts from raw wood, where you  learn techniques of staining, antiquing, painting and assembling your finished  masterpiece all-in-one class, everything created by you.

 Now after 25 years my vision has come full circle and you can now come and participate in one of my classes in my all-new DIY workshop. MB’s Creative Brush offers you a fun experience making friends along the way all while creating that special project you never thought you could do. You can come by yourself, bring a friend or join a group and share the experience!

I also offer other classes for special occasions! I can’t wait to meet you and share this unique workshop experience with you!